Members : Tracy Hall, Shari Perkins, Eli Winterburn, James Lynn, Steve Miller and Jeff Girmus

Genre:Classic Rock


Record Label:Indy

Detailed Info :
Influences:The Guess Who, Uriah Heap, Jefferson Airplane, Golden Earing, Tom Petty, Neil Young, Crosby Stills Nash and Young, Youngbloods, Buffalo Springfield, and many more too numerous to name.

Biography:Seppi Hall was originally the union of three longtime friends; Royd Seppi, Tracy Hall and Tracy's companion, Shari Perkins. The band played for several years with numerous talented musicians until Royd's untimely death in 2013. After a long hiatus, the band has reformed with two new members playing much of the material Royd originally brought to the band. While the music and musicians have changed, Royd is still in our thoughts and prayers.